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Cancellation Policy

Thank you for taking this time to read through our cancellation policy.


With every professional business, there is also a serious side. We have this in place so we can bring you the best experience possible and allow us to pamper you. 

We ask that you please help us continue to do so by providing us with the following courtesy.


1. We understand that life happens, and it can make it hard for you to keep your appointment, but please remember to be courteous by giving us a minimum of 24 hours notice if you can’t make it. Whilst we know you can book via social platforms or emails, we don’t have the time and capacity to check these for cancellation messages. We ask that you either  reply to your confirmation text message or call us in Salon to cancel an appointment. Cancelling within this timeframe allows us to allocate this space to another client eagerly waiting to get in without it affecting our ability to operate.


With that in mind, please take note of the following:


a. Cancellations on the day of your appointment will incur a 50% cancellation fee which will be payable before your next appointment.

b. In the case of 3 no shows you will be required to pay for any future appointments in full prior to that appointment being made.

c. Late cancellation fees will also apply to clients that wish to use a gift certificate as payment method.

d. If you have purchased one of our discount packages, you will forfeit that treatment off your package.

e. If you are running late, you may have your treatment time shortened or cancelled to avoid inconveniencing the client that has a booking after you. If in the event your appointment has to be cancelled, you will incur a 50% cancellation fee payable before your next appointment.

f. If you book multiple services via the same appointment and decide to only have 1 or 2 services done, the same 24 hours notice is required. For e.g you booked for a facial and brow wax but decide to only have a brow wax. If the appropriate notice isn’t given you will incur the whole treatment cost that was originally booked as we have already allocated that time to you.


2. If you are unhappy with your treatment results, you must contact us within 24 hours of your appointment to let us know. Any appointments made to rectify your treatment must be within 7 days.


3. While we absolutely LOVE meeting your little ones, please be mindful that we have other treatments in progress and if they are unable to sit quietly with you we ask you make alternative arrangements.


4. Please note treatment times in the online booking system are a guideline. Some treatments do not always take as much time as we have allocated. We have set this up in our system to ensure we do not run behind for our next client. Rest assured you will still receive the same amazing service every time.


5. Please ensure your mobile is on SILENT during your visit as we have other treatments underway and it can be distracting.


The team at Colada & Co.thank you for your courtesy in this matter. We absolutely love looking after you, to do so we must have these protocols in place. 


We look forward to seeing you again soon. Stay Beautiful xx